A Very Short Story For a Narcissistic Man

After the discovery of my husband’s insane infidelities, my serving him the divorce papers and packing up all of his stuff and leaving it in the garage and changing the locks on the house, (because he would still come and go if I hadn’t and try to make me and my daughter move out) and thinking of his ritual leaving his chewed up gum on the kitchen counter as he arrived at the house or admitting to purposefully leaving his phone in the car while out at night because he knew I was going to call and he didn’t want to talk to me, hmm wonder why, leaving his daughter’s birthday party halfway through while people are still bringing gifts to go to another kid’s birthday party, dismissing my fears of delivering a child for the first time with the comment, “I delivered animals on the farm when I was a kid, it’s the same thing” and his lack of any sign of anything when my daughter was born, telling me the day I moved back in with my daughter after a almost 2 month separation period that he is happy leaving things the way they were when I left 2 months ago and that actually those were the best days of his life because he just wanted to do what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it, and him texting me from Panama when he stayed at his mom’s house for almost a month telling me how everyone in his family was serving him, that his brother is chaufering him around, his sister is doing all his laundry and bringing him breakfast in bed, ugh, I wonder where the narcissism started, and that he knows why he likes hanging out with our daughter is because she just goes with the flow and doesn’t ask for anything and that’s why he doesn’t love me-and like a…lot..of…other things, he sends me a text: “I might not have been a good husband, but other than that I am the best.”

I could say more but I’m trying to make this a very short story.

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